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How to use the metronome

First set the number of beats per bar you want to practice to. For example 4 beats will give you 4 quarter notes or a 4/4 time signature, 5 will give you an odd time of 5/4, 3 will give you 3/4 and so on.

Next set the BPM (beats per minute), this will increase or lower the tempo. For example if you set the BPM to 50 you will play 50 quarter notes per minute, 100 would be 100 quarter notes per minute etc.

Once you have your settings ready click “Start”. You can adjust them at any time or press “Pause” to stop.

Try playing the exercises you’re practicing at different tempos, this will strengthen your internal pulse and improve your time.

If you’re having trouble playing an exercise to the metronome then slow it down and slowly build your speed up.